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Steve and Barb Hile



These cars appear to be 10,000 gallon cars built by Standard Tank Car Company as witnessed by the heavy combination bolster and tank saddle and the safety valves placed opposite one another on the centerline of the tank dome top.


There is a similar car at the Western Railway Museum.  See


SCCX 662 - Western Railway Museum (


They may well have been hauling refined petroleum products.


Southern Car and Foundry makes some 8000 gallon STCCo tank cars, so it might be possible to combine than underframe with a 10K Intermountain tank to produce a reasonable model of one of these cars.


It is reasonably likely that the Standard jobber would receive products in UTLX tank cars, like the future Rapido model.


Steve Hile

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Hello all,
I'm modeling Quincy, CA in 1949.
Besides lumber being one of the main factors of existence of the QRR, I found 4 oil dealers located in Quincy: Associated, Union, Standard and Shell.
Looking for matching tank cars, I found these two prototype pictures of Shell cars.
SCCX667 was on WP track in 1949, the SCCX673 on GN track.
But I wonder; were these oil cars? Is there a model?
Thanks for your help.
regards, Fred Jansz


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