Re: MILW 6000-6499 Boxcars - Looking for photos and info

Eric Lombard

Ken, here is some data that may interest you. The xlsx file of early welded MILW box cars helps put 6000-6499 in perspective. The txt file provides some physical features, demographics and ORER counts and renumbering over the service life of the series.

Hope these are helpful
Eric L
Homewood, IL

On Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 9:01 PM Ken Roth <krowth3249@...> wrote:
I am looking for info on MILW boxcars in the series 6000-6499.  Car number 6293 appears in a 1950 wheel report in my possession.  1950 ORER lists these as "all steel" 40' double-door cars, but curiously there appear to be only 104 cars left.  Is this perhaps a steel rebuild?  Photos or any other information would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Ken Roth

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