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Further: for what it is worth.

I am almost positive that this car has been in lube oil service for a good portion of it career, with an alternate being heavy fuel oil, Number 6 or Bunker C.

It looks just like cars PSPX 11-15 (built 1960) which were part of the Phillips fleet I managed and those cars ran out of our Kansas City, Kansas refinery. After that refinery closed, which was after this list ended some were in Borger solvent service and the rest in contract lube oil service.

Tom Birkett

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In the "For What it is Worth" department, this photo that Brian Leppert posted, of SCCX (SHELL) 164, is from Bob's Photo (taken by Col. Chet McCoid) and is also found on page 113 of Steam Era Freight Cars Ref. Manual Volume Two: Tank Cars, from Speedwitch Media.  It might be of further interest that this actual car is on display at the Tittusville & Oil Creek RR museum in that operation's namesake village in western Pennsylvania.


Regards from nearby Grove City----Mike Schleigh

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