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Bruce Smith


You might have missed the subtlety, but I was saying that the car may well have been re-stenciled with the OLD reweigh date when it was repainted with the emblem. Thus the weathering on them would be identical, but the paint would NOT date to the reweigh date. If the car was not reweighed when it was painted (and since there was no requirement to do so because it is a tank car), the paint shop would need to stencil a reweigh date and that would be the OLD reweigh date. So, even if the reweigh stencil was applied at the same time as the new paint, it does not indicate that the reweigh occurred when the paint and stencil was applied. The most glaring example I have seen is of a 20+ year old car with paint far too clean for that amount of service, stenciled “NEW”. Thus, the car in question may well have been stenciled as reweighed 6-47 some time in the early to mid 1950s.



Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I agree with you Bruce that we cannot assume the emblem was added in 6-47 but the practically identical amount
of weathering on the emblem when compared to the reporting marks also makes it impossible to dismiss the idea that
the emblem was added at the time of reweigh. But, modelers are safe to avoid the emblem since many cars without
emblems were around all through the 1950's.

I've attached a shot of a no-emblem car that was still active in the 1970's.

Tim O'Connor

On 1/19/2022 8:02 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:



Careful with the assumptions. Since this is a tank car, it may not have been reweighed when the logo was painted onto it. Thus the reweight of 6-47 is not an accurate indication of the date of the paint scheme. It is my belief, based on other photos of tank cars, that tank cars were at least occasionally stenciled with an old reweight date (or even the NEW date) when they were repainted.



Bruce Smith


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Brian, thank you!
That picture of Shell SCCX620 answers several of my questions: builder, 10K Gallon car (Steve was right).
What surprizes me is the service date of 6-47 AND the presence of a Shell logo.
So Tim was right presuming the logo was added before 1950.
It proves there's a prototype for everything; my 1949 picture of 677 with SHELL in text and this 6-47 car with logo.
regards, Fred Jansz



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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