Re: Wooden Box Cars with Peaked End Sheathing

Ray Breyer

>>I'm not sure Ray understood the question, or else I don't.  I took it as did early (how early) DS box cars have 
>>(a) single fascia boards with a horizontal bottom edge, or (b) two fascia boards per end such that their bottom 
>>edges paralleled the roof pitch? 
>>Dave Parker

Hi Dave, 

I read this:

>>Does anybody have, or can anyone direct me to, photo(s) of wood box cars where the end sheathing
>>runs all the way to the peak of the car? Photos I've found so far of wood-sheathed box cars are those 
>>where the end sheathing stops at a horizontal line running from one side to the other. From that line 
>>to the peak is fascia board.

So I'm reading NO fascia.
And from what I can tell, that's a mid-19th Century car design. See attached.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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