Re: Wooden Box Cars with Peaked End Sheathing

Charles Greene

Hey fellas, thanks for all the replies....

Dennis- The kit is a Scotia Scale Models 36 ft. truss-rod box car. "A.C." are initials for a fictitious road, Atlantic Central, which was chosen by Scotia's distributor, R.H. Schaer Enterprises in New Brunswick, Canada for this particular car (so the info sheet says). 

Dave- Your second guess at what I'm describing is correct, viz. two fascia boards per end such that their bottom [and top (my edit)] edges paralleled the roof pitch. And, yes, I'd like to see a prototype (preferably a car from a U.S. road) that matches the model's end construction. You say there are plenty of examples of that construction. Can/would you point me to a photo source for them? You mentioned Swift reefers, but I'd rather find a box car, if possible. 

Ray- First, 'Hi, Neighbor'...I'm just south of you in St. Charles. Yes, those boards below the roof that mimic the pitch of the roof are fascia. Of the 3 photo examples of cars you provided the C&NW one has fascia design closest to my model's. The only difference is the ends of the boards where they flare slightly upwards.

Bob- The C.P. box car you show has the exact fascia construction I'm seeking...I'd just prefer a U.S. road if I can find one.


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