Re: Finish issues

William Dale


     You mentioned humidity and garage in your post. Is there any chance your garage is masonry in construct? I had this same issue pop up on two
cars I was working on in the past, at the same time. I felt that high humidity was the culprit. As you know living on the east it plagues us. My home, the main part is two foot thick stone walls, I work outside, so I’m one not to run the A/C in the summer, and this was the time frame in which I did decal these cars. Now, to your credit, patience prevailed, I on the other hand was off to the grit blast cabinet and started over. Now, I should mention I use a wide variety of paints, mostly Tru-Color, a few acrylics, and Scalecoat to round it out. That said, I’m not going to point a finger at the type of paint used, more Mother Nature.


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