Re: Help ID on SP DD 50' single sheathed boxcar

Robert kirkham

Nice photo!  

I noticed there is an 3/4 image of 69459 that includes the b end, found on p.73 of Focus on Freight Cars vol 1, single sheathed box and automobile cars, by Richard Hendrickson.  


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Johannes wrote:

sad to read this. I, too have one of these since this is the only 50' "outside-braced" box car made in brass. I already did some upgrades and want to replace the end ladders as these are only poorly looking "ladder strips", but now I am very interested which of the car ends is wrong and to what degree. Tony, Tim - do you can help, please?

The B end is modeled as a corrugated end, should be Dreadnaught. I think maybe the builder was misled by the Cyc drawing, which just shows the end ribs in profile like corrugated ones. 

Below is a builder photo of a B end — actually an A-50-11 but differing only at the other end, the A end, where end doors were located (on -10) or not located (on -11).

Tony Thompson

<B end.jpg>

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