Re: Finish issues

Nelson Moyer

So why wouldn’t a clear flat finish do the same thing? If you use two clear coats, it seems to me that the edges would be twice as thick as if you use only one. I don’t see how the surface of the decal is ever the same as the car body surface, but the difference is insignificant unless you use really thick decals and probably not really significant with them either.


As for flat finish buildup, I’d worry more about buildup on grab irons, ladder rungs, Z-bars, placard boards etc. than decals. You may be overthinking this. Show me a photo of buildup on the edge of a decal.


Nelson Moyer


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Putting gloss coat over decals seals the edges of the decal and prevents the flat finish or weathering from building up around the edges. It also makes the surface of the decal the same as the rest of the model so the final finish will be uniform.
Mark Vinski

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