Re: Removing lettering from Branchline cars?

Bernd Schroeder


one method I have used with success on some models (but not Branchline so far) is as follows:

- cover only the lettering to be removed with a piece of paper towel
- soak the paper towel w decal setting solution
wait until it dries and resoak (I use Solvaset...)
- after 30 minutes remove the paper towel and try to remove the lettering by applying some tape to it
- if necessary, repeat the process
- do not use mechanical methods in the process unless you intend to do heavy weathering....


Adelsdorf, Germany

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Am 25.01.22, 14:48 schrieb mopacfirst <ron.merrick@...>:

There are a few posts in the archive with questions about the best methods to remove lettering from Branchline cars, but not a solid answer that I've been able to find.  My desire is to remove small areas of the lettering, such as the car number, without damaging the car's paint.  I experimented with a couple of common liquid hobby products a number of years ago and ended up removing the paint entirely.  Unfortunately I don't remember what I used.

I've done it crudely using light scraping and sanding, but that's often not pretty.

Ron Merrick

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