On-Line Model Railroad Magazine Indexes

Bob Chaparro

On-Line Model Railroad Magazine Indexes

Information courtesy of Paul Wilfong through the San Diego Division/PSR/NMRA publication, The Mail Hook.

Paul writes:

“Model Railroader Magazine recently made a wholesale change in their website. As part of the change, their "all-time on-line archive" of the magazine was affected. They replaced it with one that has a search function that really does not work for my needs. This led to much gnashing of teeth on my part. I emailed them asking about it, and they said they are aware of the reduced functionality, which they are working on but sadly will take a long time.

But, they kindly supplied a link to another on-line magazine index. I've tried it out and it seems to be a very nice resource, so I thought I'd pass it along for others who may not be aware of it.


Though I will forever miss MR's original on-line access, I think this link will fill the bill for me until their new archive is updated.”

Bob Chaparro


Model Railroads of Southern California


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