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Nelson Moyer

I think adding detergent goes back to the days before decal setting solutions were available, and water was the only way to apply decals. The detergent acts as a surface tension reducing agent so water won’t ball up on a gloss surface. If you just use water to wet and place decals, then wick it off, you don’t really need the detergent, since Micro Set and Micro Sol are low surface tension products, Micro Sol more so than Micro Set. I’ve never used any surface tension reducing agent in my decal soak/place water. The reason for distilled water is that mineral content has been removed. Hard water (lots of calcium carbonate, etc.) may leave a mineral film. Most city tap water is soft enough that minerals aren’t a problem, but I still use distilled water. Way back somewhere I read that some people recommended using FotoFlow, a photography solution wetting agent, but with the disappearance of film photography, I don’t know if Kodak still makes FotoFlow. Bottom line, use distilled water without wetting agent. The decal setting products do the rest.


Nelson Moyer


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Here is a question for those of you who use distilled water when applying decals.  I have spent a lifetime using water with a few drops of detergent when decaling.  If you use distilled water do you still add the detergent?





Bill Pardie



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