Re: UP HK-50-3 Ballast Hopper

Tony Thompson

Allen Montgomery wrote:

I believe I am done with the fine tuning of this 3D resin printed car. I spent yesterday adding the final under frame details that I can make out in the pictures. I know I missed a few things that are obscured by shadow in the black and white photos.
The second picture shows the amount of overhang of the wheel sets as I had to move them out to gain some room for the trucks to pivot. That was the one thing I had to change from the drawing in Terry Metcalfe's book. The final weight with hardware means I will have to add a little less than two ounces per car. I've been patiently waiting for some Tamiya primer for 3 months now and I regret I was not able to give this a coat to cut down on the resin shine and let the details pop.
Now it's time to find a decal set that will work for this car. Any suggestions?

Allen, the model looks excellent. It is almost a dead ringer for the H-70-2 class on Southern Pacific. Any chance some of the bodies will be for sale or trade?

Tony Thompson

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