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The TEM's Railway Accounting Code was 754 and 33 of their 149 stations had agents and their remainder were prepay only for receiving freight.  At Trout Mills Ont. Wm. Milne & Sons was the only consignee that could receive carload freight, others were LCL only.  Dome, Ont was a private siding only.  Chesterville Larder Lake Gold Mines and Kerr-Addison Gold Mine in Cheminis as well as Broulan Porcupine Mines, Ltd and Pamour Mines in Pamour could receive collect shipments when the other consignees at those stations had to be pre-paid. Hallnor mines was the only consignee that could receive freight at Hallnor.  And Englehart North,  Ont., althugh a manned station, was a junction point and no freight was handled there whatsoever.

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The predecessor of the Ontario Northland, the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway, reporting marks TEM (and specifically called out in the ORER as not to be confused with the T&NO RR or Temiscouata Ry.)  had a modest fleet of boxcars in service in interchange service in the early 1940s. The 1943 ORER lists 212 boxcars, all 36' interior length, 8' (or 8'1") interior height and either wooden or single sheathed bodies in 4 series (2 each). These were apparently in newsprint service, often to the United States. 

I am curious to know more about the type of cars, possible models, and potential decals (There was a Clover House set of dry transfers, but I think that they were for an earlier time period).




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