Re: Latest project from the Southern Piedmont shops DT&I USRA rebuild with Climax radial roof No 11799

O Fenton Wells

Thanks Paul

On Thu, Jan 27, 2022 at 2:05 PM Paul Doggett via <> wrote:
That’s a fine looking model love the chalk marks.
Paul Doggett 

On 27 Jan 2022, at 16:32, O Fenton Wells <srrfan1401@...> wrote:

This is a combined effort from Rich Christy who provided the roof from an Atlas 1932 boxcar to Andy Carlson who made the resin casting of the roof who sent it to me and I cut down a Tichy USRA rebuild kit and applied the roof.  The roof had to be widened a bit but then the car went to gether in the normal fashion.  I used Scale coat II Rust for the color and K4 decals to letter it.  Accurail fish belly added to the underbody.  Thes cars were later converted to plug door insulated boxcars on the DT&I and were renumbered in the 19xxx series.  
I like the unusual look of the car.


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