Re: Latest project from the Southern Piedmont shops DT&I USRA rebuild with Climax radial roof No 11799

Rich C

Group, Here is the story behind the 15 panel Climax Radial Roof (CRR), Fenton, Andy and the X29 (me). The 15 panel CRR was not widely used compared to the 13 panel varieties. It seems the C&O, Pere Marquette and Nickel Plate used this roof in the late 20s and early 30s. The Pennsy built a group of X29s in the 100000+ series (possibly before the 100000 series) that were passenger equipped and assigned to the REA. This was going to be a car I wanted to 'bash/convert.

I originally was going to buy a Funaro & Camerlengo C&O 1932 ARA box car with this style roof. I contacted Sharon, and she stated they have basically discontinued the kit. She said she would check to see if any "spoils" were leftover, no such luck. I then found one on eBay that was advertised with this roof. I received it, only to be disappointed in finding a Murphy panel roof. I was running out of options

Many years ago, Sunshine offered this kit, but it would be a needle in a haystack finding one. I then noticed that Atlas made the NKP/C&O along with an Undecorated version of this box car, with this roof! 
I already invested in a set of BX trucks and custom decals. I had to bite the bullet. I scoured the internet for an undec and finally found one, it cost me $30!, oh well!

After I received the car, I noticed that the upper door track was removable! This was great as I wouldn't need to worry about skewing my cut. I used the UMM-USA micro razor saw and carefully removed the roof. It came off clean as a whistle. I sanded the bottom to remove any kerf etc. 

I test fitted the roof to my Red Caboose 1928 X29 with the inverse Dreadnaught Ends, it fit like a glove. The only thing that needed to be added was the seam cap, some rivets and the inner roof support. I will remove that part and shape it from the original roof.

I think about this time, Fenton was anxious to model his DT&I gem. Andy Carlson and I chit-chat on the phone a few times a month. Fenton was searching and asking for this type of roof. The roof came up for discussion between Andy and me. I then loaned Andy the roof for pattern making. The modifications that Andy is making is for the wider body of the USRA steel rebuild and similar. I measured the outside width of the Tichy USRA steel rebuild, it comes out at 9' 6", while the Red Caboose is 9' 3". The inside width of the DT&I ARA and the X29 is 8' 9".

I hope I shed some light on the subjects. Andy's roofs will be a welcome addition for our modeling community.

Attached is the X29 I will be modeling. These photos were featured in September 2004 Mainline Modeler and the Keystone Modeler. Ben Hom has an excellent article on the X29s in the TKM, spanning several issues.

Rich Christie

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So putting Andy's roof on a RC X29 body would make into what? Another DTI car?
Clark Propst

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