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I have no idea what this specific manufacturer or users got in that tank car, but coal by-products have an extensive history and product line.

Coking chemicals vary depending on what an end user desired, but went from largely coal tar by-products, asphaltum, and ammonium sulfate, a powder used as an ag amendment shipped in bags in box cars, to a huge line of products like: toluol, xylene, benzol, and other solvents, to resin bases. Anhydrous ammonia came in big post-war. The post-WW2 period was an explosion in products like plastics, bakelite, synthetic rubber, road treatments, electrical insulation, etc. These products were almost entirely shipped by tank cars.

The plant I grew up near had a gigantic tank farm to field the hundreds of tank cars they received monthly.

This uninsulated 103 could have been used for anything. Maybe there is some history on that user, you may get closer.

Elden Gatwood

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Hi all. The car in the attached photo is lettered "The Portsmouth Byproducts Coke Co." with PBCX #502 reporting marks.
What type of car is this (the small dome stands out), and what would it’s lading have been?

The photo is a crop from the Barriger collection, taken along the N&W through New Boston (Portsmouth), Ohio’s Wheeling Steel byproducts plant.

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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