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O Fenton Wells

Chris, that was waaaay cool, the music alone was worth the time but the film is priceless.  Loved it
Thanks for sharing

On Sat, Feb 5, 2022 at 7:09 AM Chris Barkan <cplbarkan@...> wrote:
Members of this list unfamiliar with this ca. 50-minute movie filmed in 1951 may find it interesting.  It shows many aspects of freight car construction at the Merchants Despatch Shops in East Rochester, NY.  There is no narration, the only audio is period music but there are occasional captions describing what is being shown.

A Day At The Car Shops 1951
It was affectionately known by employees and local residents, as the "Car Shops". Producing everything from refrigerated railway cars that traveled across America delivering fresh produce, to unique narrow-gauge locomotives for Russia, the Car Shops produced a diverse range of railway cars for over 80 years. This rare 16mm motion picture film footage was taken in 1951. At this point in time, the Car Shops was producing a staggering 36 finished railway cars each day. The film was stored at the East Rochester Department of Local History and was carefully converted and restored by ERCN’s production crew. Take a trip back in time and enjoy a very special part of East Rochester’s history.

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