Re: 6,000 Gal. Tank Car Circa 1906

Tony Thompson

Howard Garner wrote:

By carefully removing the "tar" build up where the walkway would have been, a check of the underlying paint shows a red that is brighter the
Tuscan or the rattle can primer.
For those that remember old Floquil, it is close the D&H Caboose Red (The special to match the 4 wheel caboose)

The old “D&H Caboose Red” is certainly not a bright red. Instead, it is a rich chestnut kind of boxcar red, and happens to closely match the color SP used for freight cars before and after the transition era. Luckily I was smart enough to buy several bottles while it was still available, and can testify today that I still use it for SP freight cr models. Bright red, it ain’t. 

Tony Thompson

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