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As far as I know, they were used for dense products only, not grain. Seeing as Canadian railways had massive fleets of Dominion, Fowler and modified 40' Steel cars to handle the grain loads and the infrastructure in place to handle them, major changes in how grain was handled did not occur until the Government of Canada hopper fleet began appearing. Due to the nature of the products, most cars also got very filthy very quickly, and most can be seen in photos with lime stains on the outside turning the car white.image.png

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Were the cars ever used to carry grain?  Canada sure produces a lot of it. It seems to me that they were rather large to be used primarily for dense lading like cement, though I understand that they sometimes were. They were, I believe, 3000 cubic foot, 70 ton, 4 bay cars. Most 70 ton cement hoppers were roughly 2000 cubic feet, with two bays, and I should imagine the loading and unloading machinery was set up to take cars of that type.  I worked briefly as a plant operator for Southdown Cement in the '90s, and our plant could not have accepted a car that big.  Bob Ellis. 

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Here's a link to the True Line hopper info:

Note that you can click on "freight", in the upper left, to check out their other cars.


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