Re: 6,000 Gal. Tank Car Circa 1906


When we discussed this several years ago, I captured the attached photos from man of you.  I have the Shapeways parts but got busy building the layout and have not gotten to the construction stage.

There is a three page article in the September 1962 MR by Gordy Odegard and another in the March 1984 MR by Cyril Durrenberger about rebuilding these models.

I’ve photographed two similar models, one at the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis and one at the Mid-Continent in Wisconsin.

J. Stephen Sandifer


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Not the cars, but 5 tank bodies exist in Dalhart Texas and the lettering tha can be seen is all Union Tank Line (no X in the reporting marks).

Stamp on the end of at least one of the bodies is a 1905 date.

By carefully removing the "tar" build up where the walkway would have been, a check of the underlying paint shows a red that is brighter the

Tuscan or the rattle can primer.

For those that remember old Floquil, it is close the D&H Caboose Red (The special to match the 4 wheel caboose)


So, is someone going to make a trip this summer?


Howard Garner


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