Re: CN Slabside Hopper

Marc Simpson

Grain was an at least occasional shipment in the slabside cars. While I can't say for sure about the 1950s era they were used in the 1970s and 1980s based on what I saw being loaded at the elevators on the Canadian Prairies in my youth.  

There is an excellent series of articles in RMC by Ken Gossett and Stafford Swain about the slabsides.  I'll dig up the issues when I get home tonight.

Regarding the earlier post about the Sylvan kits being reissued by me, the TLT/Atlas RTR cars have pretty much killed the market for the kits with the possible exception of the unique to CP 10 hatch cars.  All the other variants are available in the RTR cars.  

However of someone wants a bunch of kits we might be able to do it at some point.  Black Cat Decals has brought out etched phosphor bronze end cages for these cars that greatly simplify building the kits. They also greatly improve the TLT/Atlas car ends.

Marc Simpson 

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