Re: 4 Wheel Bobber caboose under frame

Ray Breyer

You asked for drawings, not photos. There are drawings for at least two different bobbers in each of the CBDs I mentioned.
Keep looking.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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I just did a search on a The Car Builders Dictionary you had below and eventually found the 4-Wheel caboose images. However the underframe images were side view images and not a true underneath image.


I’ll keep looking.


Thanks, Bill


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1879 Car Builder's Dictionary

1881 Car Builder's Dictionary

1888 Car Builder's Dictionary

1895 Car Builder's Dictionary

1898 Car Builder's Dictionary

1903 Car Builder's Dictionary

1906 Car Builder's Dictionary

1909 Car Builder's Dictionary


All available as free downloads on Internet Archive and Google Books (the IA copies are better)


Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL




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I'm looking for a source of drawings showing the under frame of a 4 wheel bobber caboose. Not particular which railroad. TIA! Bob Weston

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