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Every Atlas Rebuilt I've ever seen is an 8 Panel car. Yes, it is a poor model, but for some of us modeling in scales other than HO it is the only starting point.

Don Burn

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By the way, I don't know what prototype you are trying to build a model of but the Atlas USRA rebuilds are 10 panel cars, you may get closer with one of those.
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I'd be interested in finding an HO version of the common rebuilt boxcar with 10 panel sides. I know the Tichy plastic kit has 8-panel sides, and it's lower. I'm trying to think of a source for these, 10' or preferably 10'-6" inside height. I think the Westerfield T&P 81000 kit might have these, but the one I built is put away right now so I can't check it out. There were also numerous Sunshine kits configured like this, but I'll probably build all of my remaining ones as the model they were intended to be.

To clarify, I'm thinking of a basic kit that I could modify with new ends etc. I can supply my own hardware like trucks, grabs etc. Sort of like the Yarmouth kits for new-built steel cars with modeler-supplied ends and other stuff..

Any other suggestions?

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