Re: Rebuilt boxcar, Youngstown replacement 10-panel sides

Don Burn

It is a Master Line product but is out of stock so not show.   Attached is a photo of an HO version.  As you can see only 8 panels.


Don Burn





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I had thought about the Atlas car, but the other day I couldn't find it on the website and today I still can't.  I figured it would be a Trainman series but I don't see it there or under the Master line.

I hadn't realized that the Chad Boas line had a 'rebuilt boxcar'.  That's probably exactly what I need.  And I'm familiar with the prototype since I did a couple of the original Sunshine version.  By the way, one of these cars still exists in Salina, Kansas.

I'm about to do some of the Sunshine conversions for various ATSF cars, since I picked up a couple of the underframe minikits.  The original Sunshine concept included a C&BT boxcar body, but I'll probably use an IM or Branchline body, depending on prototype, instead.  The reason I threw this question out is that there occasionally are prototypes that I run across and think that someday I could build that.  One that I've been thinking about is a Santa Fe Bx-11, 12 or 13 full steel body rebuild.  

Ron Merrick

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