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Eric Hansmann


I think the lettering above the door is EGG. 

Eric Hansmann
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Photo: Poultry Car

A photo from the Stutsman Museum:

Use the arrows to enlarge the photo.

Caption: Car of poultry shipped from Jamestown, N.D.

Date thought to be no later than 1926.

The car name over the door is difficult to decipher. Could be EGC.

Doug Harding commented:

“A few poultry cars were in use until the very late 50s or early 60s. The last design change to poultry cars took place in the 20s, and those changes were minor when it comes to appearance. Live turkeys never traveled well, so by the early 1900s they were generally slaughtered locally and shipped frozen in reefers. Live chicken transportation moved to trucks in a big fashion after WWII, though like turkeys many were slaughtered locally and frozen. The live chicken market was mostly driven by the Jewish market, so live chicken transport was primarily to communities with large Jewish population, ie New York City, Philadelphia, etc.”

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