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Bruce Smith


The Ambroid kit is the same as the Gloor Craft kit and is for a PRR ND class cabin car. There was an outstanding article on building this kit in The Keystone Modeler, #33, April 2006. 

It's probably way more information than you want, but the PRRT&HS just released a comprehensive book on PRR cabin cars that will overwhelm you with the amount of information. That is available from the PRRT&HS at

With respect to PRR cars, anyone with any interest should bookmark the car diagram pages hosted by Rob Schoenberg at

The NC was an earlier all wood car, 25' 3" in length. The ND had a steel underframe (explaining why they lasted in service beyond the institution of "caboose laws") and was 26' long.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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An excellent write-up and pics of the B&O Bobber Cabooses.


However, I had found an Ambroid PRR Bobber Caboose kit that I want to scratchbuild in styrene. So I would love to have similar information on the PRR Bobber Cabooses.


I have a number of PRR pics and believe my kit is the type NC cabooses from comparing pics. I have seen a number of type ND caboose pics but don’t yet understand the difference between NC and ND cabooses.


At a recent NMRA meet, the presenter had a book, Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western with him that had about 18 pages with pics and diagrams and text on N&W Bobber Cabooses. So if you are a N&W fan, like I am, that may be of interest to you.


Thank you, Eric for the link.


Bill L


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More images of Ed’s 4-wheel caboose are in this blog post. Plus extra detail on the B&O prototypes. 


Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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Nice models Ed!

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