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That would be wonderful.





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     There is a plan for a PRR bobber in the September 1960 Model Railroader.  If you don’t have access I can probably get you a scan.


Don Burn



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An excellent write-up and pics of the B&O Bobber Cabooses.


However, I had found an Ambroid PRR Bobber Caboose kit that I want to scratchbuild in styrene So I would love to have similar information on the PRR Bobber Cabooses


I have a number of PRR pics and believe my kit is the type NC cabooses from comparing pics. I have seen a number of type ND caboose pics but don’t yet understand the difference between NC and ND cabooses.


At a recent NMRA meet, the presenter had a book, Cabooses of the Norfolk and Western with him that had about 18 pages with pics and diagrams and text on N&W Bobber Cabooses. So if you are a N&W fan, like I am, that may be of interest to you.


Thank you, Eric for the link.


Bill L


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More images of Ed’s 4-wheel caboose are in this blog post. Plus extra detail on the B&O prototypes. 


Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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Nice models Ed!

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