Re: Which sides, roof, etc (was Which trucks?)

Tim O'Connor


No way to know without a car record or photograph of the car. Wood sheathed cars continued in revenue service
even into the early 1960's. Steel rebuilding continued as late as 1956 according to Tony's SP Freight Cars Volume 4.

Cars rebuilt from 1950 onwards received new roofs - over 700 cars total [Vol 4].

On 2/16/2022 11:19 AM, Earl Tuson wrote:
Trucks have been discussed, but is it possible to know whether an SP B-50-15 had been rebuilt to steel sides or received a new roof or other equipment?

Specifically, SP 31802 was interchanged onto the Suncook Valley RR on 11/24/1952, with an inbound load of lumber from Gurdon, AR, most probably destined to Emerson Manufacturing, a furniture manufacturer located in an old cotton mill in Suncook, NH. The empty car was returned to the B&M at Concord, NH four days later.

If not know for certain, can anyone speak to relative probability for different aspects of the car's construction and equipment?

Earl Tuson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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