Resin Boxcar Floor warpage correction

Andy Carlson

Rarely were any of the commercial resin kit's castings heat cured. A heat cured resin casting gains strength, and its memory is solidified. A partial correction of a thicker warped casting may make it even more difficult to straighten with repeated heating. some resins can be reheated and more curing occurring, but for many, this curing is a one-time deal.

I have a very flat-bottomed kitchen skillet. I place it on the range and let it come up to heat. It should be quite warm, but not blisteringly hot. When placing in the casting(s), use your thumb and other finger pads to press down on the casting. A warm solid surface should have the casting fully settled onto the skillet and when softened from the heat, the casting usually will remain totally flattened to the skillet. If you can't feel increasing heat coming up to your thumb through the resin casting, you are not warm enough.

You all do well,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


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