Re: Boxcar Floor warped

william darnaby

Over some thirty years of building resin and encountering all manner of warped sides, ends and roofs and I have found the best remedy is to have on hand a flat piece of steel with enough mass to be a good heat sink.  I heat the metal in the oven to 150F.  When hot I take the metal out of the oven and place the offending part on the metal.  The part will absorb the heat from the metal and it can be manipulated to flatten it or even take the vertical bow out of a side of a flat kit using straight edge as a guide.  I have even taken the hump out of the roof of a one piece body with this method.  The method is very controlled with little risk of part damage.

Bill Darnaby

Hi Gentlemen,

I recently bought a Funaro & Camerlengo USRA double sheath Boxcar kit at a show and I have noticed that both ends of the car floor are bent about 0.125" down out of the plane.

What is the best way to remedy this situation?

Should I let the car floor set in a pan of warm water to relax it or what ?

Gary McMills

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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