Re: Tie down holes in GSC flat cars?

Robert Ellis <bobjel67@...>

Hi, Jeffrey. Almost all flatcars had them. Models, for some reason, usually don't, although sometimes the rivets are there in the end sills. You can model them easily enough by mounting a Tichy or Red Caboose stake pocket on the inside of the end sills, and some Archer rivets on the outside. Bob Ellis. Oh. And drill the hole, if course 

On Fri, Feb 18, 2022, 17:58 Jeffrey White <jrwhite@...> wrote:

I cam across this photo of IC flats being assembled at the IC's Centralia car shops from frames bought from General Steel Castings.

I've never seen these holes in the steel at each end of the deck. 

Maybe I've just missed them in other photos.

Jeff White Alma IL

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