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Tim O'Connor

Anthony Wenzel Enterprises = AWE

Oriental was sold to Challenger (Albert Ichelson)

AWE imported not-quite-exact copies of a number of Shoreham Shops brass passenger cars
from Samhongsa. This was around the time that Samhongsa was successfully sued by Lionel
and maybe MTH for using their designs to produce models for other importers, which ended
up bankrupting Samhongsa. Shoreham Shops morphed into Rail Classics (change of owners
or something else?) but I don't know if it was related to this mess.

The only AWE freight car I know about is the 1930's welded Pullman Standard box car.

Tim O'Connor

On 2/21/2022 9:00 PM, gary laakso wrote:

AW were the initials of the founder of Oriental Limited, a brass importer, and with that business reduced, he added an E for Enterprise and brought in a few brass pieces and a the GN wood ore and coal resin kit.


Gary Laakso

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Who's AWE?

I couldn't find this listing, but then I'm not looking to bid anyway.  I built one of the F&C cars years ago, and may have used the decals that came in the box.  Spent some time filing the sill tabs and a few other things at an angle on the back side so that the thickness wasn't so obvious.

Ron Merrick

Tim O'Connor
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