Another unique feature of this car is the small button/mushroom vents mounted on the upper ends

Rich Christie

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 09:19:11 PM CST, Earl Tuson <etuson@...> wrote:

> > Interestingly enough, the Marketing East/Taurus Products/Trout Creek Engineering kit for the Rock Island reefer was also sold as a PFE R-30-13 - with notes from Nelson McCormick and Prototype Modeler.

> I know, I have one of the PFE versions and have built it. It is
> certainly close the the PFE design if not exact. Since GATC was
> building PFE cars in the 1920s, it's very possible that the Rock Island
> cars were copies. PFE routinely allowed use of their drawings that way.

The '31 CBC included drawing of both. They are virtually the same, with
only a few very minor differences that would be irrelevant to most
modelers. For example, the cast draft arms for one are for a horizontal
coupler yoke (two draft keys,) while the other is suitable for a
vertical yoke (one key.) The single I beam appears to have a slightly
longer splice plate where it is cut  to taper to the bolster on one of
the cars in comparison to the other. But, the carbody and underframe is
the same design.

Earl Tuson

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