Re: Erie boxcar, late 1940s

Eric Hansmann

That’s a cool photo, Tom! Thanks for sharing.


This has a few weathering ideas. Check out the Pennsy hopper above the loco tender. Compare the paint outs and bold new weigh stencils with the rest of the car lettering. The loco is also well weathered. The Erie boxcar has a placard on the door but not on the car end tack board. And there’s a route card tacked wo the smaller board low on the door.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN





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This really neat photo was posted to two New Haven RR Facebook groups yesterday by Charles R. Lange. Photo taken by his father, Harry R. Lange, in the late 1940s. New Haven 2-6-0 on the Naugatuck local.

Tom Madden

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