Re: NRC wood sheathed reefer ID c1940-48

Robert kirkham

Thanks for that info Larry.  Sounds like a fin project.  Will have to see about getting a copy of those drawings then.   

Those modifications to the Accurail car sound a little bit like the way some outfits re built actual reefers in the 1930s.  What is the quote?  Something like “they propped up the car number, and replaced everything else”, lol.  


On Mar 9, 2022, at 4:34 AM, lrkdbn via <lrkdbn@...> wrote:

Illinois Ry Museum, Pullman Library has drawings of this sort of NRC reefer- Pullman drawing 504 F 58 is a very complete general arrangement of NRC 6000-6499. from 10-30-1926.Pullman lot nos. 5402 and 5416.
AFAIK the later 7xxx cars were the same.My intentions to model them would involve an Accurail reefer as a starting point.-depending on how far you want to go you would need to change to a wood outer roof, add channel end sills, remove the ladders and the sheathing retainer strap along the bottom of the sides and maybe rework the underframe. You might even consider lowering the heigth of the sides. Good luck!
Larry King

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