Re: Rapido Trains Single Sheath Outside Braced Box Car models


We seem to keep circling around to this topic on a regular basis.
See posts go back into the Yahoo STMFC era. 
See posts 139158; 139164; 163462; 179445; These all are lead-ins to prior discussions. 
and there are photos on some of these posts. 
like these two:  and the whole car
I know I have posted other photos of older NP boxcars, hoppers, gons, all with tight, uniform wood sheathing and brought this topic up in the past also. 

     A modeling observation: I recall when Leighton Keiling observed in a 60s(?) MR that benchwork should be stout enough that if a locomotive stalls you can give the nearest table leg a good kick. Later when I and my brother joined a club in the basement of a hobby store in St. Paul, this wisdom had taken purchase with some of the members. Some ideas die hard.  

     Other observations: I know that my studied railroad maintained their cars as Garrison Keiler used to state of the Lake Wobegon kids: above average.  I know from factual study of reports between officers at the corporate level and from Mechanical files notes that my modeled railroad desired to heavy shop their cars about every seven years, heavy shop includes a paint job.  "Trust Reports", which were ledgers of cars bought by bonds floated by the railroad to purchase these cars required they be maintained for the bond trustees, hence the trust reports which was a document that could be called up to provide proof, along with car numbers and classifications of work done.  

     From that to data, to see a heavily weathered and/or distorted sheathing on a car modeled for my road the NP, or things like the NP Monad, be twelve years off after a new scheme came out, raises flags - to me

Yes, you could find a photo however I would have to question if that photo is typical or an outlier.
Then we get into the other argument of: Do models of exceptions an exceptional modeled railroad make? 

You can read Al Westerfield's reply in one of the above strings. That echos a comment Steve of F&C replied to me also. 
We here - look to accuracy, however the toy trainers also make enough purchases that it influences the market.     
 Your railroads history and practices regarding the upkeep of their rolling stock of course, could be quite different.  I've told you about the NP's. I'd like to hear about your railroad. 

Yes, these conversations well predate even the Yahoo STMFC.
     I recall , IIRC, Paul Janz who used to quite heavily weather SP model steam locomotives, and sent the photos into model magazine publishers, which in turn, generated mail to the publications he sent the photos to both pro and con.                                                                                                                                        James Dick - Roseville, MN 

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