Re: Rapido Trains Single Sheath Outside Braced Box Car models

Tim O'Connor


LOL ! I'd forgotten that little dust up.

Here was my defense of Richard Hendrickson on 12/10/2000.
It was hardly the last word on the subject !! :-D

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Subject: [FC] An apology? What for? And to whom?

What exactly was R.H. supposed to apologize for? As far
as I can tell, Richard simply disparaged a pretty vaguely
described group of nameless "trainset bozos". In no way can
anyone on this list accurately construe that to be a personal
attack -- unless in fact, they believe that term applies to
them. Who here does? This is political correctness without a
clue -- the P.C. police demanding a formal apology on behalf
of an imaginary offended party.

I consider the term "trainset bozo" to be just as acceptable
as "rivet counter", a term that is almost never used in a
supportive, nurturing manner. Why aren't the "vesties" down
on their knees begging our forgiveness for all the slings and
arrows we have suffered with? (Maybe because they don't care!)

Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Marlborough, Massachusetts


On 3/9/2022 9:38 PM, Earl Tuson wrote:

But wasn't it Richard's "train set bozos" comment that really did the FCL in?


Earl Tuson

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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