Re: bus being delivered in an ERIE steel auto box with end doors...

Charlie Vlk

While the brands Lionel and MTH don’t evoke feelings of accurate product excellence over the past maybe two decades they have been a boon to 1/48 two rail modelers with state of the art scale locomotives, freight and passenger cars.  
Maybe not proto 48 level, but really nice for production models.
Charlie Vlk
And, by the way, I have a photo of a giraffe being delivered to the Brookfield Zoo (Illinois) in a boxcar.  No hole in the roof (it wasn’t that tall) but a “giraffe car” it was, at least while it was in transit!

On Mar 9, 2022, at 10:12 AM, Philip Dove <philipdove22@...> wrote:

How do they rate for prototype accuracy? I've heard rumours that Lionels giraffe car was a fooby. 

On Wed, 9 Mar 2022, 03:47 John Mateyko, <rattler21@...> wrote:
Both Lionel and MTH offered double door 50' boxcars with operating doors at one end.  John Mateyko

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