Re: Rapido Trains Single Sheath Outside Braced Box Car models

Bill Schneider

Right... regarding the.... errr..... boards....

My first project with Rapido was the GARX meat reefer. That was criticized on some groups as having too big a gap between the boards. In discussions with our tool shops since they told me that they were not able to do much smaller (a stock answer!), so this time I thought that I'd get clever and try something different on the USRA car to represent the boards - and yes, inspired a bit by the Tichy model. Well..... It didn't work! 

The models shown on the web site are first test shots wit ha quick coat of paint, and this whole discussion highlights teh problem with showing early samples! We are re-doing the sides, along with changing several other details like the stirrup steps. So Robert, Brian is correct (I was the one who told him that), and no it is not an expensive re-tooling job, and the SP boxcar has waiting to start tooling (teh design is compete) until this is worked out.

Bill Schneider
Rapido Trains

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