Re: Proto 2000 50' Auto Box Car

Tim O'Connor


That's how I did mine, with an Apex rb. I think I rough cut the roof out with a Dremel
cutting wheel, then trimmed with nippers and then a good file to finish it off - I prefer a
file for good smooth seams. I use a file I bought at a hardware store in Boulder CO and
I hardly ever use any other file. It's a perfect rectangular shape - no taper.

Here is a link to the Simonds laminate file --

Tim O'Connor

On 3/12/2022 5:05 PM, Paolo Roffo wrote:
Thanks Brian.

As the car body and roof are cast as one piece, how would you recommend removing the roof?  Razor saw?  My assumption would be that a Dremel would do a lot of collateral damage.

Also, did the running boards get swapped at some point?  The Protocraft link you supplied says the cars had Apex Tri-Lok.


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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