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One of the things we have done in the CN Lines SIG (think of it as a volunteer- based historical society and FWIW I'm the chairman) is to commission our own line of CNR-system accurate paint in (no surprise) Scalecoat I.

This has been a great success for us in terms of permitting CNR-system modelers to have the EXACT colors they want readily available in a great paint media.

We currently have 18 different colors (BTW 4 are CPR colors and 2 are CN/VIA colors) which give us a pretty complete selection of colors for the relatively narrow needs we are trying to satisfy. I might add this is all done entirely through a retail dealer program.

I should also mention that the folks at Weaver Scalecoat are truly excellent to deal with. That is, they will mix colors to our "official" color samples and once approved by us, will produce same in batch sizes that are practical for our demands.

They also keep their pigment formulas for our colors so we can re-order, etc. without concern. They are also helpful to us in getting a product (which has its "flash-point", etc., safety issues") across the U.S.-Canada border.

IIRC, the entire Scalecoat I product line has maybe 100 or less shades. Thus, if we needed 18 custom mixes to handle the CNR and some other Canadian needs, I imagine there are other colors around that need folks to step up to the plate to have same created and distributed amongst those who care.

I've known George Bishop, owner of Accupaint, personally for over
thirty years an probably have as hard a time getting the paint being only
2 1/2 hours away as you do on the West Coast. Not having been able to
convince him to offer Pullman Green I use Scalecoat II for Pullman Green.
Not quite as good as Accupaint would be in that color but better than
anything else I've seen to date. Some folks love the new water based
paints but I have not cared for the results when they were tried though
the ease of use make me wish! Maybe I've not taken enough time to learn
the right technique with them or maybe it's a case of "If it ain't broke
don't fix it"!

Take care, Don Valentine
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