Re: B & O Gondola Lettering

Scott Pitzer

You're saying you're afraid your period is too early for the 13 Great States to be on the car, right?
As I get it, the slogan was added to the logo around 1940-41 as applies to these cars. What changed in 1946 is that the BALTIMORE AND OHIO moved to the center of the car, allowing "B&O" to return as reporting marks above the number. In that case the herald isn't a problem.
Scott Pitzer

I've got Al Westerfield's great B & O O-27 mill gondola kit and
would like to letter it using the handsome "Linking 13 Great States
with the Nation" logo. The trouble is I think I'm right on the border
line, time wise, for it's use (late 1946). Can someone please help
with the exact date this lettering change came into effect on the O-
27's ?
It wouldn't be a problem to choose the earlier lettering style, as
all the of it is included with the decal sheet. But, I'd really like
to do the "Linking 13 Great States with the Nation" hearld, can some
one help. Chris, Bob, somebody! Thanks, Jerry Stewart

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