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Stafford Swain <sswain@...>

Stafford Swain says:

We currently have 18 different colors (BTW 4 are CPR colors and 2 are
CN/VIA colors)
I heard about these recently. Any chance of learning your sources for
matching the CPR colours?

Rob Kirkham
Scalecoat for three of them. The crew that did the 2816 restore a couple of years ago caused the fourth to happen.

Basically, Scalecoat had killed off two of its traditional CPR colors (Diesel Gray and Diesel yellow) leaving only its Tuscan in the product line. These three colors were generally believed to quite accurate by CPR key folks I know. There was thus a clamor to bring them back and it was cool with Scalecoat for us include the CPR Tuscan in our line too. Essentially, I view these three shades as the best we have until you fellows (though your study) determine we have to change them (which we should if that's the way it falls out).

The brand-new CPR Steam Gray was re-discovered in the research for the 2816 restoration by CP. John Morris was provided several samples by one that restoration's consults.

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