Re: Tools for carving off details

Lester Breuer

Robert as for a “hand held motor tool to mill/router off grab irons and other details” I have tried the Dremel tool with a wood block inside the car body and with a #199 bit as shown in photo attempted to accomplish this task with poor results due to melting.  On my blog photo shows method; however, for running board with a jig. Therefore, the hand tools for removal still for me remain the best solution.  I have in my tool drawers and used the Xacto blades #17 blades stock with rounded corners and ground, the mini scalpel blades, the various chisels: God Hand, UMM_USA, and MircoMark.  Of the chisels in my opinion the God Hand the sharpest. (attached photo of these carving tools).

I have written about my favorite of these carving tools: the Xacto ground #17 blade and mini scalpels on my blog if you are interested.  On the blog on the side bar you can choose and click on  “ carving off parts” and “milling.”  

If you would like to take a look please do at the following link:



Lester Breuer


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