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My research on the Yosemite Valley Railroad suggested that, after abandonment, 10 of the YVRR log cars were sold to Red River Lumber Company. If someone has a copy of Hanft's book, I would appreciate confirmation of my research.

Jack Burgess

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Loading Finished Lumber
A photo from the UC Davis Library’s Digital Collections:
What caught my eye about this photograph is the elaborate protective lining in the boxcar.
I’ve never seen this before. Anyone know how common this was?
I've not, but I suspect that it's select or better lumber; the "Red River" in the caption brings to mind Bob Hanft's book by that name, but my copy is inaccessible at the moment. If it's in the book or in a collection connected to the book, I'd suspect Westwood CA rather than Akeley MN, but that's showing my geographical bias.
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