Looking to trade two Westerfield AT&SF kits

A&Y Dave in MD

I have two "modernized" or "rebuilt" Santa Fe BX-0/14 boxcar kits (Westerfield 7852 and 7862 from Crossville, TN so gray resin flat kits).   I am looking to trade for two different Westerfield Santa Fe boxcar kits:  either Bx-X (4021) or Bx-W (4001)  .  I would be fine with one each or two of either kit.  I would also consider a one-for-one kit trade. 


The BX-0/14's  are from my modeling time frame (1934) which is why I had acquired them years ago,  but they don't appear in the wheel reports that I use as the basis of my current layout modeling (Winston-Salem division of Southern Railway and Atlantic & Yadkin Railway), and the AT&SF cars are a very small proportion of cars in those reports.  So consider me crazy or eccentric or overly focused, but I want to get those car models that do appear there. 


I posted this request elsewhere and most responses so far have been: you shouldn't do that since you have cars that fit your era.  My response has been, thank you, but it's my railroad that I'm modeling. 


Please respond off-list dbott at vt.edu  with any trade offers or comments.




Dave Bott

David Bott, modeling the A&Y in '34

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