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Covering rwo topics in one posting.  Having spent a lifetime in the hobby I learned early on that if an item comes out that you remotely feel you would want down the road "But it and tuck it away".  When you decide you want the item both the product and supplier may well be long gone.

Several valid reasons have been given for the exodus of suppliers.  Overlooked is the fact that very few supplirs feed their families off the railroad hobby.  For some the unforseen issues of running a business can be overwhelming.  For some this has soured them on the hobby altogether.

Consequently I find myself with a stash of kits and little time left.  Recently I have been buying completed models from modelers that I have a great deal respect for.  I have then passed the kits along to friends on the mainland who can build them for themselves or pass them out as door prizes at club meets.

The mountain is getting smaller.

Bill Pardie

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Brian is right, if you think you have a remote interest in building a car, especially resin, you’d better grab it. I’ve been in this hobby 50 years and seen many small companies produce great products for a number of years and then you wonder where they went.  People retire, get sick or just get burned out and the product dries up.  
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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