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Frank Pearsall


I solved the problem of having too many unbuilt kits and saved a lot of money. Here’s a copy of the press release that I took advantage of:

The Engulf & Devour Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the O.J.F. (the On2 1/2 Justification Foundation), has announced a new products that will save model railroaders big bucks.

Known as “KIT BOX END FACES™,” the corporation expects a major shift in the kit collector market. Instead of having to expend large amounts of money for kits that take up valuable shelf space and will never be built anyway, the modeler will be able to purchase multi-scale KIT BOX END FACES™ modules for any kit ever manufactured. Each module (with peel-off adhesive backing) will have four representations of kit box ends. Each module will also be designed to be stackable either vertically or horizontally. As a special aid, each KBEF™ module will be the same size to save precious storage space. While the original size of some kit box ends will be reduced, original color, artwork and identifying kit contents will be reproduced faithfully. Further, each KBEF will come in three versions, mint, reasonable usage and really worn out.

Model Railroaders (both real and wannabes) will be able to select particular KBEFs for any type of kits in any scale they desire and will be able to mix and match scales. For single manufacturer selection with less then four kits issued, selection will be able to be made for ones that he said he was going to produce, but never did. This will have to verified by lawyers, because they have to make money in this deal somehow.

Industry observers were in agreement that KBEFs would reduce the number of unbuilt kits that could be purchased on the internet. Phone calls to E-Harbor, the leading collector sales venue on the internet were not returned.

Large numbers of manufacturers thought the whole concept was a great idea. One was quoted as saying: “Those cheap clowns never bought my $300.00 kits anyway. This way, I’ll at least get a royalty check every year.” A spokesperson for Fine Scale Miniatures condescendingly dismissed the announcement, saying: “I don’t know anything about our kits being collected. As far as I know, every single one ever sold has been built. You never see our yellow boxes at flea markets, do you?”

Frank A. Pearsall
Brevard, N.C.

On Mar 26, 2022, at 5:25 PM, Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:


I prefer "UFO", which also encompasses those projects that are on the work bench, and may have been there some time.

UFO = UnFinished Objects

BTW, I feel no shame about my inventory of about 300 unbuilt kits. I refer to it as my "hobby shop" 😉

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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