Re: Unbuilt kits

Charles Peck

It seems though, when I take those unbuilt kits to a show, very few get bought. 
Maybe those of us who do or have built kits haven't inspired but few younger 
hobbyists. Between failing eyesight and shaky hands, I'm not doing much building
any more. 
Chuck Peck 

On Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at 9:58 PM Tom Madden via <> wrote:
I'm in Bruce's range when it comes to unbuilt kits, which makes absolutely no sense considering my age and current hobby interests. Whenever someone is looking for a particular kit on one of these lists I almost always have one. But when I pull it out and have it in my hands I turn into Gollum, muttering about "My preciousssss..". and back on the shelf it goes. All the more ironic since I'm still dealing with Gail's stash of yarn, fabric, books, magazines and weaving equipment, almost four years after her death. But I know having all that meant a lot to her, and having all those kits means a lot to me. But still.....

Tom Madden

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